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Midwest Made Dropping First Official Music Video With "Brand New".

Wayne2Wild with a Midwest Made Shirt on the set of the music video for Brand New.

Midwest Made Dropping First Official Music Video With "Brand New".

Midwest Made announces the official release of new music video “Brand New” by Wayne2Wild. This is the first video dropped by the label and will hit the Midwest Made YouTube channel on June 7, 2023.

Wayne2Wild is an up-and-coming rap artist from Kansas City, where Midwest Made is based. The artist has made a buzz for himself through witty lyrical content and quality music videos that always have a playful nature. When asked about his brand, Wayne2Wild likens himself to fun and vibrant rappers such as Ludacris and DaBaby, where there's a heavy focus on creative imagery.

Still shot of Brand New Music Video Intro by Wayne2Wild.

“Brand New” combines a solid beat with a catchy hook, and the accompanying video has a nostalgic feel that is a nod to rap videos of years past. This combination is sure to draw in a wide range of listeners and Midwest Made is excited for the partnership with Wayne and the opportunity to help establish his unique sound.


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