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“Bipity Bopity” by Kaleaha Marks The First Official Midwest Made Release By A Female Artist.

Kaleaha - Bipity Bopity - Single - Cover Art

“Bipity Bopity” by Kaleaha Marks The First Official Midwest Made Release By A Female Artist.

Midwest Made is excited to announce the drop of their first single by a female artist. “Bipity Bopity” by Kaleaha is a killer addition to the label’s roster and is positioned to attract new listeners who are drawn to a strong female voice in the vein of Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. This release hits music stores worldwide on August 4, 2023.

While Kaleaha started singing when she was a young teen, she only recently transitioned into rap and hip-hop and started creating her own lyrics and tracks. Being disenchanted with hearing the same kind of sound, she started writing out of desire to create something different than what she was hearing in mainstream music, and “Bipity Bopity” was the first song she wrote and recorded. The inspiration and power behind the lyrics of the song come from the dichotomy of women needing to support each other yet being pit against each other and the resulting competitive attitude women adopt in order to deal with those situations.

When asked about artists that have inspired and influenced how she creates music and performs, Kaleaha said: “I’m inspired by Eminem, his words and story are just incredible to me, everything about him embodies greatness and what I want to be. I am inspired by many other artists such as Beyoncé, Johnny Cash, Jelly Roll, and Michael Jackson. I study how they perform and I try to implement them and their work ethic.” This approach is already paying off. The Midwest Made team first encountered Kaleaha when she performed as an opener for their recent Wichita, KS show on the 2023 “Summer Takeover Tour”. It was evident that she is already a force to be reckoned with and execs for the label were instantly blown away by her tone, flow, and stage presence and immediately reached out about working together. Midwest Made is confident in what Kaleaha brings to the table and knows her sound will pull in new listeners and soon-to-be fans of both Kaleaha herself and the label as a whole.


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