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“Jello” By Pretty Boi Beats And Trap Beckham, The New Twerk Anthem From Midwest Made.

“Jello” By Pretty Boi Beats And Trap Beckham, The New Twerk Anthem From Midwest Made.

“Jello” By Pretty Boi Beats And Trap Beckham, The New Twerk Anthem From Midwest Made.

The new single “Jello” by Pretty Boi Beats and Trap Beckham has exploded on party playlists across the globe. This booty shaking single has quickly become a staple release in our label catalog and is the first release from artist Pretty Boi Beats under Midwest Made.

Pretty Boi Beats is an artist and producer from Kansas City, where Midwest Made is based. He’s well-known in the club world for his ass-shaking productions and showcased his talent at the label’s launch party back in April. In addition, he has an impressive track record of working with artists like Beckham and K Stylis, including producing the mega-hit "Booty Me Down" which currently has 46+ million streams on Spotify. Trap Beckham, an artist from Florida, brings Southern flair to his hip-hop tracks and has made a name for himself with dance and club hits like “Birthday Bitch” and "Back It Up".

The seamless integration of vocals and beats on “Jello” showcases the careful craftsmanship that went into creating this twerk masterpiece. The artists’ delivery, combined with the production skills, results in a track that's not just a song but an experience. The song possesses an irresistible beat that beckons listeners to hit the dance floor. Beyond the beat, the lyrics are laced with playful innuendos and cheeky lines, which add an extra layer of fun to the track. This combination makes for a song that is not only fun and energetic but packed with commercial appeal.

The irresistible beat, clever lyrics, and the seamless collaboration between artists on “Jello” make it a must-have on every party playlist. So, whether you're hitting the club or hosting a dance party at home, make sure to turn up the volume and let “Jello” get the party started!

This track can be found on all streaming platforms as a single, as well as on the Midwest Made Booty & Bangers Vol 1 compilation and “Songs About Butts” playlist.

Spotify - Pretty Boi Beats, Trap Beckham - "Jello" - Single:

Booty & Bangers, Vol. 1 - Compilation:


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