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Reco Bands Drops “Clouds” As First Official Release Under Midwest Made.

Reco Bands - Clouds - Single (Cover Art)

Reco Bands Drops “Clouds” As First Official Release Under Midwest Made.

Aug 31, 2023 marks the release of “Clouds”, the first Midwest Made single from Reco Bands. This creative and business-savvy artist has been featured on various compilation projects in the past, and Midwest Made is excited to officially have Reco releasing singles through the label.

Reco, a Kansas City native, gained a love and appreciation for music and performing when he was a child and participated in a talent show with friends. Inspired by the reactions from the audience, he immediately knew that music was a passion he had to pursue. That passion landed him an internship with “Strange Music”, the number one independent record label in the world, also based in Kansas City, and home to well-known rapper Tech N9ne. Reco is definitely a jack-of-all-trades. Not only does he write, produce, and perform his own music, he also has experience as a graphic designer, director, and is CEO of his rapidly growing brand “Lost In Vegas”, based in Las Vegas NV.

“Clouds'' is a catchy, feel-good jam that will resonate with fans of artists like Kid Cudi. This song also possesses a chill vibe with commercial appeal and lyrics that have a double meaning, which are signature elements of Reco’s work.

When asked about artists that inspire him, Reco said: “I’m inspired by Jayz, Tupac, Diddy, Master P, Tech N9ne, and anyone else that took their music and turned it into a brand!”. This philosophy is apparent in the drive and ambition Reco brings to any project he works on, which is one of many reasons Midwest Made is excited by the release of “Clouds” and their on-going partnership with the artist. The label is also looking forward to a forthcoming track featuring both Reco Bands and Midwest Made CEO & owner Steven Cooper. Title and release date for this track are yet to be determined, but this is an exciting collaboration for the label and is expected to help cross-promote the artists and their respective business ventures.


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