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Midwest Made Debuts New Emrich Track In A Lineup Of Summer Hits.

Midwest Made - Who I Am (Feat. Emrich) - Single (Cover Art)

Midwest Made Debuts New Emrich Track In A Lineup Of Summer Hits.

Midwest Made announces the official release of a new single “Who I am” featuring rap artist Emrich. The track is just one of many lined up to be released by the label this summer and is available in digital music stores everywhere on Jun 2, 2023.

Emrich is a talented songwriter, rapper, and engineer who has already had a career heavily sprinkled with opportunities to work with a wide array of music production groups, studios, and talented artists from all over the country. His methodology has been compared to artists like Nas, ‪Mac Miller‬, ‪G-Eazy‬, and ‪Jarren Benton‬ to name a few.

Midwest Made aims to work with a diverse group of rap, hip-hop, and R&B artists in order to represent a variety of moods within their catalog and was drawn to Emrich’s introspective lyrics and unique sound. What makes this track stand out is his casual but forceful delivery and tone which are a contrast to the smooth beat, creating a song that is audibly interesting and lyrically thought-provoking. When asked about inspiration for the track Emrich said “Who I Am" is a track about overcoming past struggles I’ve had in finding myself and my sound. I think I found it with this track. This song was one that I held onto for a while and I feel like it’s time the world heard my story and understands just "Who I Am.”


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