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Midwest Made To Drop First Official Single: "From Dat (Era)" by Artistic Genius, Kansas City Native.

Rap Single - From Dat (Era) - By Artistic Genius (A.G.) - Midwest Made

Midwest Made is proud to announce the official release of their first single: “From Dat (Era)” by Ag Garrett, aka Artistic Genius (A.G.). The track kicks off a stellar lineup of upcoming releases by the label and will hit digital music stores everywhere on May 19th, 2023.

Midwest Made is heavily focused on breaking artists within the central region of the US, and an important part of that is helping the rap, hip-hop, and R&B community of the area find its own identity, to really hone in on what sets the Midwest apart in the industry. An instrumental piece of that puzzle is tapping into the art of storytelling again, which has been at the core of rap and hip-hop since their creation. This mission aligns with A.G.’s incredible talent in this arena and meshes perfectly with the vibe he brings to the table. The artist is also a native of Kansas City, home to Midwest Made, making the pairing a perfect fit and the decision to position his track as the first release by the label a no-brainer.

Artistic Genius pulls from his own personal experiences growing up in inner-city Kansas City and witnessing the many facets of life in his community. While he was initially focused on sports as a means to attend college, writing and making music were always his true passions. When asked about his musical dreams, A.G. said “I wanted to be a better role model for kids that looked like me, so I put any free money I had into trying to be a rapper. Even when people told me to give it up because the possibility of me becoming one was slim to none, I consistently perfected my craft while trying to make a living in hopes that someday I would find someone to believe in me. I was influenced heavily by rappers like T.I., Eminem, Nate Dogg, Max B, and of course local rappers like Ron Ron. I tried to infuse their styles into my own and create the sound you hear today while paying homage to the OGs that came before me.”.

“In Dat (Era)” also plays on a resurgence of the sounds and themes present in rap music from decades past. Whether it’s a desire for familiarity and comfort after the last few years of collective stress, or simply the cyclical nature of music and entertainment, this phenomenon elicits feelings of nostalgia while simultaneously pumping listers up and creating a new, buzz-worthy energy in the region. Reviving this aspect of rap and hip-hop within the Heartland was yet another motivator for Midwest Made to add A.G.’s single to their roster. This trend is one that the label hopes to bring to the forefront and continue with other projects coming down the pipeline.


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