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"Midwest Royalty" Marks First Release Of Its Kind from Midwest Made.

Updated: Aug 7

Midwest Royalty - Compilation Series, Vol. 1 - Release by Midwest Made Entertainment

"Midwest Royalty" Marks First Release Of Its Kind from Midwest Made.

Midwest Made is thrilled to announce the release of their first compilation album, Midwest Royalty, Volume One, featuring tracks from a variety of artists, some of which the label has previously worked with and some that have only been featured on this album so far. This compilation dropped June 23, 2023 and can be found in streaming music stores everywhere.

This compilation is a stellar representation of the quality of music that Midwest Made has been pumping out since its inception. All of the tracks on the album are from heavy hitters with ties to the Central States, each with a defined sound deserving of the "Royalty" title, and the combination of artists brings something unique and interesting to the table. While Midwest Royalty is the initial album of its kind from the label, it definitely won’t be the last. Midwest Made has purposefully used a diverse release and marketing strategies from the jump, and while singles have made up the majority of drops from the label, the use of compilations will be an important part of the mix. Compilations, much like playlisting, are an important tool for linking multiple artists to one another and presenting listeners with a prepackaged group of songs that either have a cohesive feel or possess qualities that fit a common theme. This approach offers listeners the opportunity to discover new artists that fit their preferences without having to put in the effort to find them, which in turn boosts the artists algorithm by associating them with the fans of other artists featured on the project. This is a great way to “fan swap” in the streaming age, which benefits each and every artist with tracks on the compilation.

Make sure to subscribe and follow Midwest Made on all social platforms to be informed about future projects like this one, and check the website regularly for future release dates from your favorite label artists.

Listen to Midwest Royalty, Volume One here:

And follow the Midwest Made - Official Releases Playlist here to access all new music as it comes out:

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