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New Release, "Grind", Kicks Off Trend Of Collaborative Tracks From Midwest Made.

Midwest Made, Steven Cooper, Landes Plane - Grind - Single Cover Art

New Release, "Grind", Kicks Off Trend Of Collaborative Tracks From Midwest Made.

Midwest Made announces the official release of new single “Grind” featuring Steven Cooper and Landes Plane. The match up of these two amazing artists is sure to be a hit among a variety of listeners and is available in digital music stores everywhere June 9, 2023.

This drop marks the start of a collaboration trend the label will be utilizing on several projects in the future, through the use of both single and compilation releases featuring various artists. This track, in particular, pairs two of Kansas City’s most popular rappers Steven Cooper, Midwest Made owner and CEO, and recording artist and songwriter Landes Plane. The duo worked on several business projects together in the past, having long discussed combining forces to produce a song featuring them both and finally felt the timing was right.

“Grind” is the perfect anthem for the hustlers out there - those who are no strangers to hard work, consistency, and focus. While motivating, the song isn’t all business. It also possesses a sexy beat and cool instrumentals that keep it fun and appealing. Cooper and Plane each have their own unique pace and flow which are flawlessly meshed on this track, allowing each individual to shine while also creating a cohesive sound. Midwest Made is confident that this collaboration is just the first of many featuring these two talented artists.


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