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Record Label Takes Unique Approach To Music And Merchandise.

Updated: May 20, 2023

Midwest Made Classic Logo Tee Shirts.

Record Label Takes Unique Approach To Music And Merchandise.

Midwest Made has recently come on the scene and is quickly making a name for itself around Kansas City and the Heartland as a rap, hip-hop, and R&B label that is doing things differently. With amazing releases lined up for the year, a successful launch party under its belt, and more live shows to come, they’re already off to a great start. Midwest Made is

determined to be an innovator in the music industry, which is already apparent based on their strategy of working with artists on a project-by-project basis instead of locking them into long-term contracts.

There is more than meets the eye where Midwest Made is concerned though, and their innovation includes developing a unique business model that isn’t solely reliant on musical production and output. As a result, the company aims to create a true lifestyle brand, centered around the Midwest Made name and logo, that focuses heavily on merchandising and can operate in conjunction with, or separately from, the music label division. Choosing the “Midwest Made” moniker for the company was a strategic move designed to support these efforts and give the brand a catchy, memorable name that appeals to a wide array of

consumers interested in repping the central states they know and love. The line currently includes items such as classic t-shirts in a wide range of fun colors, keychains, stickers, and koozies, with plans to vastly expand offerings in the near future. The company is already seeing traction with the sale of these apparel items and accessories, which debuted at their launch party and concert at the end of April, and has plans to attend several festivals, fairs, and trade shows where merchandise will be sold starting this summer. But there's no need to wait, available products are online now and can be purchased through the company website at

Midwest Made is honored and humbled by the support they've already received for both their music and merch and is busy creating and designing more of both for release in the months to come. Don't miss out, be the first to know what's new by signing up for a monthly newsletter from the brand via their website.


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