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New Single “Outside” Is The First Solo Release From Artist Landes Plane Under The Midwest Made Label

Landes Plane - Outside - Single Artwork

New Single “Outside” Is The First Solo Release From Artist Landes Plane Under The Midwest Made Label.

August 4, 2023 marks the release of new single “Outside” by Landes Plane, who has previously been featured on other Midwest Made tracks. This is the first solo release by Plane under the label and is an exciting and welcome addition to the Midwest Made catalog.

Landes has already been a heavy hitter for Midwest Made by collaborating on several tracks with various other artists. His sound often brings a chill, easy flow to the tracks he works on and offers an interesting contrast that appeals to rap, hip-hop, and R&B fans alike. “Outside” is no exception to this trend with its smooth beat and feel-good energy that evokes endless summer vibes.

Music has been a central part of Plane’s life since childhood. Growing up singing in the choir and playing various instruments instilled a general love of music at an early age, which is apparent in the work he puts out. His approach to writing and making music naturally shifted over time with a current emphasis on being a melodic artist. In addition, the inability to master his desired sound working with other engineers pushed him to start recording and mixing his own music in order to properly achieve the overall feel he always wanted to create. This switch allowed him the opportunity to set himself apart from other artists and truly brand his music with a cohesive feel. When asked about his musical inspirations, Landes cited a variety of artists that span a wide array of genres including: Sade, Lauryn Hill, and Anita Baker, Outkast, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Wiz Khalifa, MO3, 6lack, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. He said “The list could go on forever but these artists have played a big role in how I perceive music and how I attack a song as an artist.”.

Midwest Made is thrilled by the support already shown for previous tracks featuring Landes and is confident that “Outside” will boost listeners’ love for this artist.

Listen to “Outside” here:

And make sure to follow the Official Midwest Made Playlist for all new label drops here:


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