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"PEACE" by Champ Gee Announced As First R&B Single For Midwest Made Entertainment.

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

"PEACE" by Champ Gee Announced As First R&B Single For Midwest Made Entertainment.

Midwest Made is proud to announce the official release of their first R&B single “PEACE” by musical artist Champ Gee. The track is a welcome addition to the label’s roster and is available worldwide on June 16th, 2023.

Champ is a talented singer, songwriter, engineer, and producer who first got involved with music as a young child. Having been brought up in the church, he was exposed to different aspects of music at a young age, initially playing instruments and then venturing into singing through middle and high school. It was in his teen years that he really started to develop his voice, cultivate his own sound, and dove into songwriting. Champ has already made a name for himself in the Kansas City market as an artist that goes all in and completely immerses himself in whatever he’s currently creating, and this is evident in the quality of work he produces. He credits this internal drive to succeed and the energy brought by the circle of individuals with whom he collaborates as his main influences as an artist.

“PEACE” is an excellent demonstration of the heart Champ Gee infuses into his projects and is the perfect track to kick off Midwest Made’s venture into R&B. This track possesses an energized beat mixed with meaningful, reflective lyrics, and while each element can stand on its own, the combination makes for a rich sound with mass appeal. When asked about inspiration for the track Champ said “This song was my dedication to healing. Every time I perform it I think about what all transpired for me to write this song, because I wouldn’t have done it any different. It’s a record of vulnerability and transparency & I hope everyone listens and likes it.”.


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